Female Orgasmic Dysfunction in Schaumburg, IL


Orgasmic dysfunction in females can occur when it becomes difficult to reach orgasm. There is a wide range of factors that can contribute to this condition, including age, medical conditions, stress, and the use of certain medications. Thankfully, our team at Horizon Medical Center can provide innovative shockwave therapy treatments in order to help make it easier for a female to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse. If you are interested in learning more, you should contact our Schaumburg, IL facility to schedule your initial consultation.


Sexual difficulties and low libido are normal as women become older, which can affect one’s well-being. At Horizon Medical Center, our caring staff wants to offer help for your feminine wellness problems, and we are pleased to perform female shockwave therapy. By employing the cutting-edge Alma Duo™, the feminine shockwave treatment involves low-intensity energy waves, which are delivered into the pelvic area to encourage the formation of new blood vessels. This helps to boost your sex drive and intensify sexual intimacy. The Duo utilizes a type of low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy to carry out its aims and improve sexual health.


How is female shockwave therapy with the Alma Duo done?
Shockwave treatment with technology by Alma Duo is a fast and easy technique that takes about 30 minutes to carry out. The specialized Alma Duo tool will be passed over the intimate region to promote the enhanced formation of blood vessels. Female shockwave therapy typically is not expected to lead to any discomfort, making it well-tolerated for the vast majority of patients.

What is recovery like after treatment with the Alma Duo?
Alma Duo is not an invasive procedure. Considering that the entire treatment will take place on the outer vaginal area, you can attend a procedure during the workday and quickly get back to your day-to-day routine. Typically, extensive downtime is not necessary.

Does shockwave therapy hurt?
Because this therapy is not an invasive procedure, you are unlikely to experience any pain. You will probably feel a heating or pulsing feeling during the process. Nonetheless, the acoustic waves used by the shockwave treatment technology are not reported to be uncomfortable for the majority of people.

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