Erectile Dysfunction Therapy in Schaumburg, IL


Although it might feel embarrassing to speak of initially, numerous patients in Schaumburg, IL have sexual health complications, making these problems commonplace. Erectile dysfunction (ED) therapy, otherwise known as penile shockwave therapy, using the Duo™ by Alma is a state-of-the-art option that boosts men’s sexual health. Shockwave therapy is a nonsurgical option that utilizes precise energy to increase the flow of blood to the penis through a method known as LI-ESWT (low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy). This treatment is an innovative replacement for different sexual health solutions that require invasive operations, prescription meds like Viagra, or corrective vacuums. To enhance the lasting power of your erections, experience more sensations, and enjoy more freedom day-to-day, ask us about penile shockwave therapy at Horizon Medical Center. Family physician Dr. Asharaf Dabawala hopes to help you enhance your intimate health.


How is ED treatment with the Alma Duo done?
Penile shockwave treatment utilizing the Alma Duo is a low-maintenance treatment that takes no more than half an hour to perform. The Duo handpiece will be applied to the target region to elevate blood flow. This treatment does not cause pain or require invasive methods, which makes it a short treatment.

What should I expect after shockwave therapy using the Duo?
Since the Duo by Alma Lasers does not require surgery, pills, or sedation, patients may resume their usual activities following their procedure. Not needing any downtime makes this shockwave therapy a great service for patients struggling with erectile dysfunction.

How long will my results last?
The results created by the Duo device are enduring. Countless people say their outcomes last for twelve months. On average, we advise a series of six procedures over one month to gain optimal results. Our team frequently sets up treatments two times each week for three weeks in a row. This will be discussed as we create your custom treatment plan.

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