Physical Therapy in Schaumburg, IL

If you have been injured, want to prevent future injuries, or have ongoing problems such as chronic neck pain, Horizon Medical Center has the physical therapy and sports medicine services you need.

When you need a physical therapy center in Schaumburg, IL, do not hesitate to reach out to our team about insurance questions, physical therapy solutions, and more. Our team offers physical therapy in Schaumburg, IL to ease your pain and provide the rehabilitation you need.


Physical therapy is a type of treatment performed to relieve pain, increase your range of movement, and maximize your body’s function. Many patients who seek physical therapy care are recovering from workplace or sports injuries, accidents, or are suffering from other musculoskeletal concerns. At Horizon Medical Center, our licensed physical therapist offers specialized care for pain in the knees or other joints, pinched nerves in the shoulder, back, or neck, and a wide range of additional conditions. If you are having trouble moving and completing normal tasks or are suffering from discomfort or limited function following an accident or injury, please contact our Schaumburg, IL practice to learn more about our physical therapy services.

Physical Therapy and Mental Health


Horizon Medical Center’s commitment to providing exceptional physical therapy in Schaumburg, IL

When you need rehabilitative care or physical therapy, our Schaumburg, IL rehabilitation services can provide top-tier care. We treat each of our patients with care, evaluate risk factors, and ensure that their injury gets the best treatment possible.

You can expect highly trained clinicians to provide the best possible physical therapy for your needs in our Illinois facilities.

Treatments offered by Horizon Medical Center

When seeking specialized physical therapy care in the northwest suburbs of Schaumburg, Illinois, you should find a physical therapist who can provide various treatments and services.

Our extensive selection of care is what makes Horizon one of the best physical therapy centers in Schaumburg, IL. Treatments like dry needling, balance practice, and endurance tests are just a few of the ways we provide care to our patients.

Horizon Medical Center’s patient-centric approach

A key part of our operation is ensuring that our clients get the individualized approach they need for their physical conditions. This is because everybody is different. The needs of an athlete recovering from a sports injury may be significantly different from those of someone who has had surgery and needs rehabilitation to relearn to walk, run, or jump.

That is why we tailor each treatment plan to the needs of our clients. No matter your physical therapy requirements, we can assess, diagnose, and treat you.

The importance of physical therapy in the management and recovery of musculoskeletal conditions

Your musculoskeletal system is important for your mobility, body structure, and balance. When something is wrong with any part of your system, it can cause musculoskeletal conditions that can lead to joint immobility, ongoing pain, and more.

Those who need physical therapy may suffer from ongoing pain that makes it difficult to stay in motion. Our physical therapy services can help mitigate this issue.

Horizon Medical Center’s state-of-the-art facility

At Horizon Medical Center, we ensure that each of our patients receives expert care for their physical therapy needs. That starts with a bright team of physical therapists who are ready to tackle your physical health issues.

We also have up-to-date equipment to help you, including a state-of-the-art facility for your treatment.

Our physical therapy services

Orthopedic rehabilitation

Orthopedic rehabilitation relieves pain through the correction of issues with the musculoskeletal system. This system includes the muscles, joints, ligaments, and bones that support and move your body. Orthopedic rehabilitation may be needed for people with arthritis, amputations, or joint replacements.

Sports injury treatment and prevention

Treating a sports injury correctly is vital because returning to playing without proper care can lead to a worsened injury. Our team offers unique treatment plans for athletes.

Post-surgical rehabilitation

Surgery can mean weeks or more in recovery, and during this time, you may see a significant loss of muscle mass or strength. Physical therapy for patients in post-surgical rehabilitation can help them regain their strength.

Geriatric physical therapy

As we age, our musculoskeletal system may be impacted by the loss of bone density, muscle mass, and other age-related conditions. Physical therapy for older adults can help slow or reverse some of these changes over time.

Manual therapy techniques

Manual therapy refers to techniques where the therapist applies specific pressure to your joints, muscles, and other body parts. This can make a big difference for those dealing with pain in these areas due to tension or joint immobility.

Balance and gait training

When something is wrong with the way you walk, you may have mobility issues stemming from pain that causes an imbalance in your gait. Gait training can help decrease the chances of a fall, reduce pain, and strengthen your body.

Pain management

Whether you are recovering from a specific injury or an ongoing disease that impacts your musculoskeletal system, you may have chronic pain that impacts your quality of life. Our physical therapists can help you manage your pain and reduce it.

This is just a sample of the many types of physical therapy we offer. If you need further answers or clarification, do not hesitate to get answers from our physical therapists.



Physical therapy visits at Horizon Medical Center will be tailored to strengthen the affected areas of your body and meet your unique treatment needs. During your first appointment, our physical therapist will assess your pain or discomfort, evaluate your muscles, bones, and joints, and devise a personalized treatment plan. A variety of therapeutic services may be utilized throughout the course of your care, including heat and ice, massage, ultrasound technology, and laser techniques. Our physical therapist may recommend exercises to perform between visits to help strengthen and heal your body. Periodic visits spaced over the course of several weeks or months may also be recommended to improve your function.


The primary goals of physical therapy are to relieve pain, increase your mobility, and help restore your normal function. Our experienced physical therapist offers advanced care to enhance the health and wellness of patients suffering from pinched nerves, joint or back problems, or additional concerns. Set up an in-person visit at Horizon Medical Center in Schaumburg, IL to learn more about the benefits of physical therapy. We proudly accept Medicare and a variety of health insurance plans.

Physical Therapy Schaumburg

Horizon Medical Center’s tailored treatment plans for each patient

Any issue that brings a patient to our physical therapy services might require specialized treatment. Because of this, there is no singular approach that is best for all physical therapy patients. We ensure that each of our patients receives the personalized attention and care they need.

The benefits of physical therapy

Physical therapy focuses on tackling the cause of your issues, rather than the symptoms. For example, chronic pain can be treated with pain medication, but this does not improve the underlying condition.

Fortunately, physical therapy can have major benefits, including increased mobility, reduced joint pain, and the prevention of new injuries. Other alternatives may not have those benefits.

Testimonials from satisfied patients

Here are a few testimonials from our happy patients:

  • “I had never seen a doctor like Dr. Dabawala who really cares about their patients like a family member who truly cares about you and your health.”
  • “Excellent medical facility. Dr. Neerja Reddy is compassionate, thorough, and a fantastic physician.”
  • “Great Full Service Medical Office. HORIZON has been around for over 30 Years and you will not be disappointed.”

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