General Services

Information About General Services

Within our Schaumburg, IL facility, our team of skilled medical providers offers various general medical services to detect any existing problems and treat a number of conditions. For individuals needing a proper diagnosis, our team provides on-site testing, x-rays, diagnostic ultrasounds, cardiology testing, allergy testing, and hearing tests. Additionally, we perform minor in-office surgeries, cryotherapy, and IV fluid treatments when necessary at Horizon Medical Center.

With on-site lab testing, you can get the diagnostic services you need under one roof, from blood work and x-rays to heart scans and sleep studies.

Diagnostic ultrasound (sonography) uses sound waves to create images of internal areas of your body for the diagnosis and assessment of health issues.

A Doppler ultrasound measures blood flow through your arteries and veins to screen for peripheral vascular disease and other circulatory conditions.

We perform an array of cardiology tests, such as EKGs, stress tests, echocardiography, nuclear heart scans, and more, to screen for heart conditions.

DEXA Scan for Bone Density measures the calcium and mineral levels in your bones to help us assess your bone density and detect osteoporosis.

With on-site and at-home diagnostic sleep studies, our physicians can diagnose sleep apnea and other sleep-related disorders to improve your health.

Our Schaumburg, IL physicians offer on-site allergy testing to diagnose allergies to foods, dust, pets, mold, pollen, and other environmental factors.

Hearing tests (audiological evaluations) are performed to diagnose hearing loss or other impairments that may be affecting your hearing function.

Performed to remove skin lesions on the face and body, cryotherapy works through liquid nitrogen to freeze and destroy a variety of skin growths.

Our team performs in-office procedures to remove impacted ear wax, sutures, warts, moles, and nail fungus, and to meet other minor surgical needs.

We provide intravenous (IV) fluid therapy at our primary care practice to treat dehydration and reestablish a proper balance of fluids in your body.