Thyroid Disorders in Schaumburg, IL


Located in your neck, the thyroid gland is part of the endocrine system and helps regulate metabolism, heart rate, and other functions in the brain and body. When the thyroid gland produces an oversupply or insufficient amount of hormones, it can disrupt the chemical balance within your body. Left untreated, thyroid disorders can have a significant impact on your health. Our Thyroid Doctor Schaumburg IL primary care physicians have decades of experience in treating hypothyroidism (low hormone production), hyperthyroidism (high hormone production), thyroid nodules, and other thyroid conditions. If you have symptoms of an overactive or underactive thyroid or other thyroid problems, we encourage you to schedule an in-office visit at Horizon Medical Center.


Thyroid disorders can cause symptoms, like fatigue, weight gain or loss, anxiety, hair loss, hoarseness, goiter, and an irregular heartbeat, among other effects. They may be the result of genetics, a chemical imbalance, autoimmune conditions, or additional health concerns. To diagnose thyroid conditions for Schaumburg, IL patients, our doctors may run blood tests or perform an ultrasound to evaluate for thyroid nodules. Treatments for thyroid disorders are customized for each person’s unique symptoms, age, and other factors. Many thyroid conditions, like hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, can be effectively managed through prescription medication. In some cases, the partial or complete removal of the thyroid gland may be the ideal treatment option.


Establishing proper thyroid function and hormone levels is essential to many aspects of your health, wellness, and how you feel in general. Hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, and thyroid nodules are all medical conditions that can carry significant yet often treatable symptoms. To schedule a thyroid exam with one of our Thyroid Doctor Schaumburg IL physicians, please contact Horizon Medical Center in Schaumburg, IL. Our office accepts Medicare and a number of health insurance plans for your convenience.

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