Can Laser Therapy Diminish Age Spots on My Chest?

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Age spots can appear on various parts of your body and are frequently found on the chest. Sun damage and hyperpigmentation around the skin can produce these unappealing features that make you look older than your actual age. At Horizon Medical Center in Schaumburg, IL, we can correct your age spots with laser skin rejuvenation. We use the innovative Harmony XL PRO laser system to rejuvenate the skin for a softer, more youthful appearance.

How does laser skin rejuvenation work?

Laser skin rejuvenation works by producing energy that penetrates the deepest layers of skin without harming the outer layer. The Harmony XL PRO system from Alma Laser triggers the skin’s natural healing ability.

Once activated, the laser produces energy that enters the dermis through narrow waves. The laser impacts the deep skin layers that produce these age spots through hyperpigmentation. The skin cells, weakened by the laser, will eventually leave the body through its lymphatic system.

The contracted tissue will then produce new skin cells and collagen. The new compounds will match your skin’s natural tone, producing a healthier look without any dark spots.

Is laser skin rejuvenation useful for all skin types?

Laser skin rejuvenation is ideal for all skin types. It works on light and dark skin tones alike. It also does not produce scarring or other long-term threats to your skin. Our experts at Horizon Medical Center in Schaumburg, IL can help you with your skin care needs.

The treatment is also useful for people who have hair on their chests. You’ll need to have the area shaved and cleaned before the laser can go over the age spots. The procedure is effective, even if it requires an extra bit of effort to prepare the site.

How effective is laser skin rejuvenation?

The laser therapy procedure is effective for most people who need help removing age spots on the chest. You will require about 3 – 4 treatments in most situations, with each session occurring about a month apart. The first results will be visible about a week after the first treatment, but it is more effective if you undergo the complete treatment process.

The procedure is also considered painless and doesn’t require any downtime. The process takes about 20 – 30 minutes for each session, so you won’t have to waste lots of time receiving the care you deserve. It is an effective treatment solution that works for your skin without being as risky as you might figure.

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You can remove age spots from your chest through an effective laser skin rejuvenation treatment. Our experts at Horizon Medical Center in Schaumburg, IL are excited to help our patients look their best with the Harmony XL PRO system. You can visit us at our location in Schaumburg near Woodfield Mall or contact us to schedule an appointment for services.

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