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Dr. Asharaf Dabawala
Medical Director & President

Dr. Asharaf Dabawala is a medical director & president offering compassionate experienced primary care services to Schaumburg, IL patients.

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Dr. Madhumati Mehta
Medical Director

As our chief of laser med spa services, Dr. Madhumati Mehta uses her decades of medical expertise to provide cosmetic injections and laser therapies.

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Dr. Ashish Patel
Board Certified Internist

As a board-certified internist and lipidologist in Schaumburg, IL, Dr. Ashish Patel provides specialized care for cardiovascular-related diseases.

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Dr. Sarada Alla
Board Certified Physician

Dr. Sarada Alla is a board-certified family physician in Schaumburg, IL dedicated to providing personalized care for acute and chronic conditions.

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Dr. Niraja Reddy
Board Certified Internist

Dr. Niraja Reddy is an internal medicine specialist with over 22 years of experience in the medical field.

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Horizon Medical Center, located in Hoffman Estates, is centered between Elk Grove Village, Wood Dale, Arlington Heights, Bartlett, and Barrington. With a steadfast commitment to delivering top-notch healthcare, with a focus on patients, our center ensures that individuals receive comprehensive and compassionate medical attention.

Horizon Medical Center’s Primary Care Services

At Horizon Medical Center, we offer a wide array of primary care services for patients seeking healthcare excellence. Our practice offers treatments for chronic conditions as well as preventative care measures, we offer every aspect of primary care needs with dedication.

Whether it’s internal medicine, health screenings, routine check-ups, vaccinations, or personalized health plans, patients can rest assured that they’re in good hands.

Importance of Having a Primary Care Physician

At Horizon Medical Center at Hoffman Estates, we understand how important it is to have a relationship with the doctors who are in charge of your health. These healthcare professionals serve as the first point of contact, overseeing your health journey from start to finish. At our clinic, we focus on gaining a deeper understanding of your unique medical history, lifestyle, and unique needs, allowing us to tailor healthcare solutions specifically for you.

Availability of Same-Day Appointments for Urgent Health Concerns

Prompt medical attention is a priority. Our practice has same-day appointments available for urgent health concerns, so patients can seek immediate assistance. This ensures that any unforeseen health issues are addressed promptly, minimizing the risk of complications and ensuring a speedy recovery.

Preventative Care and Management of Chronic Conditions

Through preventative care measures such as vaccinations, health screenings, and an emphasis on internal medicine, our clinic empowers individuals to take the proactive steps needed to ensure longevity and health. At our practice, we believe that prevention is better than a cure.

For those who are managing chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma, our healthcare providers offer expert guidance to enhance and support your quality of life.

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Collaborative Approach

At our practice in Hoffman Estates, we believe a collaborative approach helps patients stay in the know when it comes to their healthcare. By involving patients in the decision-making process, and actively listening to their concerns, we show each patient that we take an interest in finding out what is causing them trouble.

Integration of Technology

With our integration of technology, including electronic health records, we ensure seamless communication and efficient healthcare, continuing to enhance the patient experience.

Patient Experience at Horizon

The patient experience at our Hoffman Estates location is characterized by professionalism, compassion, and empathy. As soon as you set foot in our building, you are valued and respected and treated with warmth and sincerity. Our physicians go above and beyond time and time again to ensure that each patient has their needs addressed. With a commitment to building long-term relationships built on trust and honesty, our internal medicine professionals ensure compassionate patient-centered care.

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Our dedicated team of family doctors is ready to provide you with our patient-centered approach, with a concentration on preventative care and chronic illness management. We are committed to providing quality and compassionate primary care to every one of our valued healthcare recipients. Pick up your phone and schedule an appointment with us today. We are dedicated to improving lives, one patient at a time!

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Take control of your health with your primary care physician at Horizon Medical Center in Schaumburg, IL. For more information on our range of services, or to schedule an appointment, reach out today by calling (847) 490-0600.


Five Stars Rating

Had an amazing experience here! I got laser hair removal and I saw results very quickly. The machine for the hair removal has a cooling feature that makes the sessions much more comfortable. Love Karen! She is super sweet and knowledgeable. She’s also passionate and really cares about your results. Very happy to have went here.

Angela G.
Five Stars Rating

I appreciate my experience with their laser treatment, results have been great since the first day I started. The cooling tip is so essential and makes it a completely unique tool compared to the usual laser and fan combo. Horizon medical center has always been very flexible with rescheduling my appointments and very understanding. I love Karen she is absolutely so wonderful and gentle on your skin. I’d recommend you try any of their treatments.

Cat S.
Five Stars Rating

Karen is very nice and is an artist with her laser tools. She passionately cares about every patient and does everything she can to please the customer. I highly recommend this process for anyone with permanently sun damaged skin. Thank you Karen!!!

Michael Berg
Five Stars Rating

My experience with Karan at the medical spa has been nothing but amazing. Karan is flexible, super caring, and professional. She did multiple treatments on my back for acne and on my face for folliculitis which have all been amazing! She even suggested all natural home treatments that i could do. I highly recommend Karan to anyone 🙂 She is super kind and has always made me feel welcomed.

Radhika Patel
Five Stars Rating

I did skin laser tightening with Karen and results are amazing, jaw lines are gone, the skin feels so tight, smooth and glowing. So many compliments I have received...Karen is very knowledgeable, fun, professional and one of the best estetitician I have seen. She is wort it every penny!!!

Maja Mijatovic
Five Stars Rating

Horizon Medical Center is wonderful. Dr. Dabawala and his team have been in Schaumburg for over 35 years. I see Dr. Patel and my wife see's Dr. Alla. Very happy here. I have done sleep study and my wife has done their laser medspa treatments. Highly recommend.

Five Stars Rating

I highly recommend Karen and the laser treatments!! so professional, patient, and comforting. She makes the appointments so painless and smooth. You will see results with the treatments and Karen is always there to answer any questions or concerns!! I highly recommend 🙂

Shivani Shah
Five Stars Rating

Highly recommend Karen, she is the best. I did the eye lift treatment and was amazed with the reults. Best thing that has happened to me. Always had issues with under eye circles/bags and she fixed them!! I feel beautiful again. Thanks Karen!

Karina Salwa
Five Stars Rating

I got my eye treatments with Karen. I love my results! Karen is the best, she explains everything very well. She is Professional! I highly recommend Karen.

Mayra Briseno