Cleanroom Construction

Cleanroom Construction

Cleanroom construction is an intricate process requiring skilled designers, builders, and an adherence to best practices. G-Con Manufacturing is an award-winning Texas company committed to the success of every project and a reduction in cost through well-designed and modular units proven in the field.

How do I construct a cleanroom?

Many industries need isolated contaminant-free areas for critical processes or even patients. Air filtration excretes foreign material. Ports of entry and careful welding keep outside air from mixing with your extremely controlled internal environment.

A cleanroom is built from quality, non-porous materials. We take construction seriously, following ISO 45001 standards for workplace safety.

What standards govern cleanroom construction?

Creating an environment completely free from outside influence requires skill and dedication. ISO 45001 and OSHAS 18001 guidelines are world-renowned for promoting workplace safety, a factor in keeping costs down and quality high. ISO 9001 for project management promotes honest and complete monitoring of design, manufacturing, and installation.

These standards guarantee a level of quality in every product. G-Con looks to provide a standard through our PODS that persists at scale. We take standards seriously.

Can prefabricated pods make my cleanroom cheaper?

Construction cost overruns are common. Projects must account for an average 7.9 percent increase in expenses and as much as a twenty-percent requirement in extra time. Better and repeatable processes are the best way to lower the cost of your project.

Prefabricated pods use a proven and repeatable method to create scalable solutions for almost any building. We build on a useful frame for a variety of industries and purposes. Years of research allow us to pass savings in design and manufacturing on to the customer.

Can I scale a cleanroom?

Prefabrication of our proprietary PODS allows us to grow rooms with your operations. We provide a standardized and interconnected solution. Quick disconnects minimize the time for installation.

Standard and custom sized PODS allow you to obtain a reasonable fabrication environment. Similar arrangements allow pods to be carefully welded together with air handler units, exhaust fans, fire suppression, power and control panel, as well as waste handling that capably handles your success.

What is the cost of a cleanroom?

Cleanrooms are more expensive than standard construction. Cost per square foot ranges from 100 to 400 or more dollars. This depends on the industry and your needs. More technical and careful setups are more expensive.

Every cleanroom we produce uses material airlocks, comes with a large work area, and includes a separate area for mechanical maintenance. Prices are based on the number of PODs needed to satisfy your needs.

Cleanroom construction in Texas

G-Con Manufacturing provides quality construction of isolated environments for almost any need. We manufacture cleanrooms that grow or shrink with your business. Our rooms are ideal for the manufacturing of electronics and pharmaceuticals where contaminants can taint a product.

Our commitment to customer service and quality is recognized. We won our first award after only three years in existence. Get in touch with our experts for more information today.



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Cleanroom Construction

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