Yu Kids Island, Schaumburg, IL

When visiting Chicago’s northwest suburbs, don’t miss out on all the fun and excitement at Yu Kids Island in Schaumburg, IL. With its variety of rides, interactive exhibits, and fun activities, Yu Kids Island provides a great time for the whole family. When you first walk in, you’ll find yourself immediately surrounded by bright, colourful exhibits and activities. The centrepiece of Yu Kids Island is the two-story, 40,000+ square foot main play area. This fun and interactive area include bumper cars, laser tag, soft play and an arcade. Another great activity for kids is the “Animal Parade”. It’s an interactive ride that features lifelike animals, music and activities—all designed to teach the importance of nature and conservation. As kids ride the parade, they can learn about different animals and the habitats they come from. Learn more here.

If your kids have more of a thrill-seeking attitude, there’s the “Cirrus Swing”. This ride takes passengers for a thrill ride up, down, and all around the play area and is great for kids who like some excitement. The “Safari Delight” is an exciting roller coaster and is just as thrilling as the Cirrus Swing. If you’re looking for some gentler activities, Yu Crafts makes sure all little ones get a chance to tap into their creative side. Kids will love activities like arts and crafts, beading, and painting. They also get a chance to make and take projects home. Yu Kids Island isn’t just a place for fun and thrills—there’s also science learning involved. Through interactive exhibits like the “Wonderworks” and “Enchantment Gardens”, children can explore the magic of biology and physics. Here, they can explore through activities like building robots and other inventions, creating potions and formulas, and learning the basics of music. Learn more about The Sculpture Park, Schaumburg, IL.

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