Spinal Orthoses in Nashville

Spinal Orthoses in Nashville

Human Technology provides one of the best prostheses and orthoses care in the country. Our Spinal Orthoses in Nashville provide the highest level of comfort, independence, and self-reliance. We want you to achieve your goals and become a productive person in life. We are bringing the best and latest technology in the field of orthoses to serve you.

Is a back brace considered an orthotic?

Yes, the orthopedic back brace or spinal orthoses can range from soft support to custom-made firm orthotics. The spinal orthoses can be prescribed for several reasons, including realignment of the spine, support weak areas of the spine, or restrain the spine. Depending on your condition, your orthotist will prescribe the brace that you need or help you with a custom made brace.

A flexible and movable back brace comprises of elastic cotton or nylon material. These are most helpful for improving posture and relieving neck pain. The rigid braces are more firm and supportive, but they restrict movements. If you have scoliosis, then you definitely need a spinal orthosis. 

Importance of spinal orthoses

Nowadays, spinal braces are lightweight and quite comfortable to wear. You can enjoy your day-to-day activities without any discomfort or pain from the support. You can play sports, maintain a healthy body, and help your overall health. The best aspect is you can wear it and remove it anytime you want, though we don’t recommend it during your early recovery process.

The spinal orthoses in Nashville provide help in finding find the right orthotic care for yourself or your family members. If you choose surgery over spinal orthoses, then you will have to face several difficulties, including pain for extended periods. You can avoid the lengthy procedures and hectic schedules for a comfortable, more relaxing solution of spinal orthoses.

Adult and pediatric spinal orthoses

For adult spinal orthoses, we have Lumbo-Sacral Orthoses (LSO), Thoracic Lumbo-Sacral Orthoses (TLSO), and Cervical Thoracic Lumbo-Sacral Orthoses (CTLSO). LSO is used to help with osteoporosis, degenerative diseases, and spinal fractures. It helps to hold the body from moving. TLSO is helpful for compression fractures and during post-surgery recovery. TLSO is also suitable for pediatric spinal orthoses.

CTLSO is ideal for the treatment of scoliosis as it reduces movement and helps with the pain. We have scoliosis braces for pediatric spinal orthoses as well. It’s custom-made for every patient, and it’s lightweight, made up of plastic. It does not restrict physical movements in children.

Spinal orthoses providers in Nashville

We have the most amazing and caring staff at our facility. Our people work non-stop to provide the best orthoses care for you. Our quality care and professional advancements are the reason people choose us as their spinal orthoses providers.

At Human Technology, we prefer to help you with free consultations so you can choose the best spinal orthoses in Nashville. You won’t spend any money unless you are absolutely sure about the orthoses, and we can help you decide on the ideal piece for your situation.

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Spinal Orthoses in Nashville

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