Hearing Tests in Schaumburg, IL


Having proper hearing function is an important part of your overall health and quality of life. Our primary care physicians offer diagnostic hearing tests (or audiological evaluations) for patients ages 12 and up to help detect early to advanced hearing loss, which often occurs progressively over time. Hearing loss can impact individuals at any stage of life and may impact one or both ears. At Horizon Medical Center in Schaumburg, IL, our doctors use advanced technology to detect hearing problems and gain an understanding of the types of conditions that may be affecting your hearing. These tests are generally quick and comfortable and are performed on-site at our state-of-the-art facility. If you believe you may be experiencing some degree of hearing loss, please contact our office to schedule a hearing test.


Hearing tests at Horizon Medical Center may be completed as part of an annual physical exam or as needed on a diagnostic basis. These assessments may be performed as a general screening to evaluate for signs of hearing loss or as a more in-depth analysis to determine the likely source of a hearing problem. Common causes of hearing issues include age, injuries, congenital defects, ruptured eardrums, and additional conditions. Our physicians will use a variety of advanced equipment to measure your ability to hear low to high tones, and at what intensity (measured in decibels) and frequencies (measured in Hertz) you hear sound. Audiometric tests can help our team determine the degree of hearing loss you are experiencing in each ear. A personalized treatment plan can then be developed to help improve your hearing, which may include hearing aids or other options.


We understand how hearing loss can impact your life, whether it is due to the natural aging process or the result of a medical issue. As part of a commitment to deliver comprehensive care, the physicians at Horizon Medical Center are pleased to offer audiological evaluations to determine if hearing loss in one or both ears has occurred. Contact our Schaumburg, IL family medicine practice to find out more about hearing tests, learn about the insurances we accept, or schedule an in-person visit.