You Can Remove Excess Fat After Weight Loss Without Surgery

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Do you avoid social events or wearing your favorite outfits because of stubborn fat? Small fat pockets can be frustrating, especially for men and women who work hard to lose weight. If you eat right and spend time at the gym without results, it may be time to consider nonsurgical body contouring at Horizon Medical Center. We can help you complete your weight loss journey through UltraSlim® light therapy.

It’s easy to see why UltraSlim is becoming one of our most requested procedures. This treatment reduces body fat and firms loose skin without patients going under the knife. So, how does UltraSlim work in Schaumburg, IL? Request a consultation at our med spa to schedule an assessment and find out.

How does UltraSlim work?

There are many reasons why someone would have small fat pockets and loose skin. This is often the result of aging, recent pregnancy, and recent weight loss. Some solutions require plastic surgery to address fat in the abdomen, thighs, hips, and flanks. When surgery is not an option, Horizon Medical Center can review your issues and discuss your body contouring goals. UltraSlim may be the answer to your problems.

UltraSlim uses red light therapy to reduce fat and slim the waistline. It can also lessen the appearance of cellulite and tighten skin. Our body sculpting procedure takes about 30 minutes to complete, and patients can relax knowing UltraSlim does not require incisions, general anesthesia, or extended recovery. Results are noticeable within a few hours of your session and will continue to get better over time.

Should I get nonsurgical body contouring?

UltraSlim is appropriate for adult men and women with mild to moderate cosmetic issues who are interested in fat reduction. Patients who are pregnant, have certain medical conditions, or are sensitive to light therapy, should consider other options. During your consultation in Schaumburg, IL, our med spa experts will review your health history to make sure UltraSlim is safe and effective for your needs.

What does UltraSlim treatment look like?

UltraSlim is performed in a private treatment room while you sit back and relax. We begin by positioning the UltraSlim lamp several inches above your skin. This is what causes wavelengths of light to pass into the treatment areas. The technology also tightens loose skin by encouraging new collagen production. Our team normally recommends three or more UltraSlim sessions to reach your desired goals.

What kind of results should I expect?

UltraSlim is safer than other body contouring procedures because it is nonsurgical and noninvasive. In fact, the UltraSlim device simply hovers over the targeted areas. As we mentioned, there is no extended recovery involved after getting UltraSlim. Soon after your appointment and for weeks afterward, you should notice slimmer contours. Our team can give you information about when to return to our med spa for future appointments.

Transform your contours with body sculpting

Weight loss requires a lot of hard work and dedication. If you spend time planning healthy meals and working out at the gym but still have problem areas, learn about UltraSlim red light therapy in Schaumburg, IL. Our staff at Horizon Medical Center can create a personalized body sculpting plan that does not involve invasive surgery or recovery. Contact a member of our med spa team to learn if you are a candidate for this advanced procedure today.

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