Will Laser Skin Rejuvenation Change the Texture of My Facial Skin?

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The aging process inevitably leaves all of us looking a bit more worn down than we'd like. Fine lines and wrinkles etch themselves onto our faces, and our skin loses some of its suppleness and begins sagging, while scars and hyperpigmentation rear their ugly heads. But we're here to help you roll back the clock on your complexion! All you have to do to is to reach out to us at Horizon Medical Center in Schaumburg, IL and begin your journey toward a younger visage.

Enjoy revitalized skin quality and a vibrant, youthful complexion with laser skin rejuvenation

We're excited to offer a variety of exceptionally effective, wonderfully safe skin rejuvenating treatments via the Harmony XL PRO. Unlike other aesthetic technologies that promise renewed skin, our techniques and state-of-the-art equipment are clinically proven to offer dramatic results with an exceptional safety record. And its comprehensive mode of action kickstarts a layer-by-layer renewal. It induces surface exfoliation to remove unseemly marks while stimulating deep collagen production to contract and tighten your skin, fading the signs of aging.

But you'll also benefit from our experience and expertise. We've helped innumerable individuals achieve fantastic, head-turning results, and we'd love to do the same for you. And to do that, we'll become intimately acquainted with your personal and medical history. Then we'll discuss your needs, lifestyle factors, and expectations to offer you a clear picture of what you can hope to achieve. So contact us today at Horizon Medical Center Schaumburg, IL.

This simple, quick, and convenient procedure requires no work on your part

First, we'll make sure you're comfortable. Then, our expert laser technician will pass a handheld device over the desired areas of your skin. This device focuses the healing energy precisely where it's needed to gently give you confidence-boosting results without causing "collateral damage" to nearby tissues. You shouldn't feel pain but can expect a gentle heating sensation, as the light imbues your skin with its healing properties, and then the feeling of colder air coming from the cooling system.

And, well, that's it. Your treatment is finished without hassle, inconvenience, or significant downtime. Its effects will become apparent over the following week as your skin dries and flakes off. Though the degree to which it does so is dependent on the type and depth of your treatment. Your recovery process will also slightly differ according to those criteria, but we'll provide you with a personal post-treatment plan to help you get the most out of your treatment.

The most important consideration, however, is to resist the temptation to pick at your skin since this physical damage can undo your results and even cause long-term scarring.

As your skin heals, you should see it taking on a new smoothness and revitalized appearance, making you look like a (wiser) version of your younger self. Wrinkles, lines, discoloration, unevenness, and other aesthetic issues will dissipate, giving way to the envious glances of your family and friends.

Contact us today to learn more about your laser skin rejuvenation options!

We're dedicated to your health, happiness, and helping you look your best. So don't wait any longer: give yourself the invaluable gift of a more youthful complexion by contacting us at Horizon Medical Center Schaumburg, IL, and you'll soon enjoy refreshed, plump, glowing skin!

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