Physical Therapy Saskatoon

Physical Therapy Saskatoon

North 49 Physical Therapy is a local health clinic with years of experience in providing physical therapy in Saskatoon. Constantly expanding our available list of services, our medical offer now covers numerous medical backgrounds. We aim to improve everyone’s life quality despite their barriers.

What exactly does a physical therapist do?

A physical therapist is responsible for aiding people with injuries to improve their movement and managing their pain. These therapists represent an essential factor in the rehabilitation of chronic patients, as well as in their treatment. Each physical therapist has proper training in numerous care techniques.

Usually, the duties of a physical therapist include:

  • The review of patients’ medical history
  • The diagnose of patients’ functions and movements
  • The development of individual plans for each patient
  • The easing of patients’ pain and their increase in mobility
  • The evaluation of every patients’ progress
  • The instruction of the patient and his family regarding the recovery process

The benefits of physical therapy

Physical therapy offers many benefits to their patients and even to regular athletes. A sports therapist can maximize an athlete’s performance by strengthening specific muscles on his body.

Since there are numerous reasons for these types of treatments, the benefits of physical therapy in Saskatoon will also vary from patient to patient. However, among the endless benefits of physical therapy, we can highlight the following:

  • Managing the patients’ pain
  • The patient avoids surgery
  • Improving the patients’ mobility, movement, and balance
  • It allows for a patient to recover from an injury or stroke
  • The management of age-related medical conditions

What are the different types of physical therapy?

There are different areas of focus on physical therapy. At our clinic, we offer a large coverage of physical therapy services, like vestibular therapy, hand therapy, concussion therapy, and neurology. Those are just some of the many areas in which our professionals are capable of act upon.

We also have specific treatment services for more specific conditions, such as if you are feeling dizzy, having balance issues, had a sports injury or experiencing neck pain. Our team is ready to deal with any issue fast and effectively, to minimize your suffering, and get you back on track as soon as possible.

The best physical therapy

At our clinic, we will provide you with a one-hour assessment consultation, in which our physical therapist will take your medical history and evaluate the area where you have the injury. Our therapist will create a specific treatment plan for you by carefully analyzing the deficiencies in your muscles, joints, nerves, and movement. Then, you may also receive some self-management recommendations, as our clinic takes great pride in making our patient an active participant in its own recovery.

We know that our team has a great understanding of ergonomic principles, and, since we strive to provide you with the best exercise prescriptions and health recommendations, North 49 Physical Therapy has become the best physical therapy center in Saskatoon. We recommend that you book an appointment now and try our amazing therapy services yourself.

Physical Therapy Saskatoon

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Physical Therapy Saskatoon

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