knee pain San Francisco

knee pain San Francisco

Trust Benchmark Biomedical with over 30 years combined experience in Regenerative Medicine

Here at Benchmark Biomedical we are committed to filling the needs of our business partners and their patients by listening to their needs and providing them with the quality regenerative medical care they deserve. From something as simple as knee pain, our San Francisco team will investigate into the cause and effect of pain in the determined area, finding a solution.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience on our sides, we also integrate some of the most advanced orthopaedic and anti-aging specialists in the world with those who are just starting out to bring you a combined outlook on your medical treatment.

Benchmark Biomedical offers core services specialising in: pain management; orthopedics; would care; rheumatology; sports medicine; plastics; dermatology and podiatry. We work in a range of environments including: private practices; hospitals; surgery centers and proudly serve the needs of our active and non-active military hospitals to provide our customers with everlasting support and medical treatment that will aid their success. If you are looking for a professional team who works with you in order to ensure you feel safe and pain-free, contact us by sending us an email via our website menu and “Contact Us” tab. 

We offer an extensive list of regenerative medicines to individuals experiencing pain and our professionals here at Benchmark Biomedical San Francisco can help assess which one is right for your circumstances and condition. The conditions we treat and offer regenerative medicines for include: Platelet Rich Plasma; Bone Marrow Concentrate; Apidose; Amnotic Membrane and Core Blood. If you think you may be in need of any of these treatments based on your current circumstances, we’d love to hear from you to begin discussion on the treatment that’s right for you.

If you are a practice wishing to engage, we are dedicated to bringing you the best solutions including an offer of a partnership with our business development team. Your practice is our priority. Our team at Benchmark Biomedicine in San Francisco will come in to understand how you currently operate and will help to identify key variables that will increase the measure of a successful practice. If you are interested in our Exclusive Business Development Mentoring offer please contact our team by clicking “Business Development” in our website menu followed by the “Contact Our Team” button at the bottom of the page.

With 30+ years experience in Regenerative Medicine, why wouldn’t you choose Benchmark Biomedical to find solutions to suit your needs and to treat your pain effectively and efficiently? Here at Benchmark Biomedical San Francisco, we are devoted to ensuring your health is in its best condition so you can live the successful life you have without any detriments. Our industry expertise and prompt approach is what sets the benchmark in the industry, come and see it for yourself and feel a better you, sooner.

knee pain San Francisco

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