inpatient mental health Austin

inpatient mental health Austin

Omega Recovery is a highly sought-after rehab for inpatient mental health in Austin with the best team of doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, and RNs. We treat several psychiatric and behavioral disorders, from depression, anxiety, bipolar to substance abuse and alcoholism.

What makes our program the best mental health treatment in Austin?

We offer a community-integrated treatment program that puts struggling recovering addicts in an artificial treatment bubble and equips them with essential coping skills to deal with the stress of everyday life. Our staff members encourage our clients to experience life, shop at the supermarket, go on a barbeque, attending a job interview and offer clinical support continuously to help them process trauma and cope with negative feelings and harmful emotions during recovery.

We use a combination of evidence-based modalities and nature immersion therapies to help our clients embrace sobriety. Some of the psychotherapies we offer include motivational interviewing (MI), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), EMDR, mindfulness meditation, breathwork, and psychodrama. Our patients also engage in body movement therapies like yoga, karate, Qi Gong, rock climbing, ropes courses, kayaking, and hiking.

Do I have a mental health issue?

Mental illness refers to a vast range of psychiatric conditions that affect your mood, thinking, and behavior. A mental health issue becomes a mental illness when the symptoms affect your ability to function efficiently. Conditions like depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and behavioral disorders can cause frequent stress and affect your quality of life. You must seek help from an Austin, TX, mental health treatment center if you experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  1. Feeling sad for no apparent reason
  2. Confused thinking or diminished ability to concentrate
  3. Excessive fears or worries
  4. Feelings of guilt
  5. Extreme mood changes
  6. Withdrawal from friends and social events
  7. Significant tiredness or insomnia
  8. Detachment from reality
  9. Paranoia or hallucinations
  10. Inability to handle daily problems or stress
  11. Substance abusing behaviors, excessive anger, changes in sex drive or eating habits

Besides, if you are having suicidal thoughts, you should meet with a residential mental health treatment provider immediately.

Advantages of inpatient treatment for mental health illnesses

Residential treatment can help individuals battling behavioral and mental health challenges attain comprehensive recovery. Some of the benefits of joining one of the sober living homes in Austin:

  • You get to live in a stress-free and supportive environment far from the stressors of your everyday life and work-related responsibilities.
  • You will get to heal and recover with the love and support of fellow recovering addicts. Sober fellowship can strengthen your commitment to long-term sobriety
  • It provides patients with an immersive healing experience. As one of the best mental health living for males and females, we engage our clients in a series of healing programs such as counseling, psychotherapies, support group meetings, holistic therapies, etc. Our clients leave our facility with improved physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Contact us at 512-559-7837 to verify your insurance. Omega Recovery is a top-rated rehab for inpatient mental health in Austin with the best clinical staff, evidence-based therapies, and world-class amenities. We offer the best inpatient, outpatient, supportive outpatient, and alumni programs at budget-friendly prices for those battling substance abuse and mental health problems. 

inpatient mental health Austin

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