Functional Medicine Doctor Twin Cities

Functional Medicine Doctor Twin Cities

People get into functional medicine for personal reasons that they could not address with modern medicine. They soon discover that adding a natural affinity to medicine is a powerful way of boosting one’s health because it means you now have better preventive methods and an even healthier way of solving common medical issues.

What Is Functional Medicine?

FM is a patient-centred program that considers a person’s genes, biochemistry, pathophysiology and more to address underlying causes of illnesses and optimize the body to function better in the long run.

Mainstream medicine has a lot of success in offering urgent care to patients. However, it still has a long way to go in offering fast and effective solutions for emergency surgical complications.

Benefits Of Functional Medicine

Custom Treatment Plan

Do you think people have different medical needs based on their biological makeup? The American medical care system is modelled to offer treatment plans to all types of people using the same treatment plan and does not factor in small things like one’s family genes and how their biochemistry makes them susceptible to certain illnesses.

FM looks at your unique circumstances, lifestyle and history, so we comprehensively understand your past and current health before offering treatment. Using custom treatment plans results in healing much faster and maybe even having fewer side effects, as is familiar with mainstream treatment plans.

Better Relationships With The Healthcare Providers

Standard care only works because you get to listen and follow every bit of the functional medicine doctors’ instructions. The ordinary in-depth consultation session with a doctor lasts about an hour, but it does not do much to explain the specific issues affecting your body.

FM puts you first and requires that the care provider takes extensive research into your medical issue before giving out a treatment plan. Eventually, you will spend less time explaining the reason for your visit because we already know the background of your medical history and the fine details that could be the source of your current health complications.

Treat Core Disorders Faster

General medicine usually prescribes a pill or injection but offers little to no support or guidance when you want to change your lifestyle and diet. FM has a smooth medical intervention that helps identify a plan more suitable for your body and prepare a follow-up plan to get you healthy for the rest of your lifetime.

Alternative medicine doctors help to solve issues that general medicine only looks at shallowly. The personalized treatment plan should be able to resolve a tone of your health issues from the deepest layers of your cells because we are looking at the source of the problem through a historical lens to study your genes and biochemical makeup.


Many years ago, diseases were attributed to lifestyle complications, imbalances and infections. Today, we enjoy technology that can provide more complex breakdowns for more effective solutions so holistic medicine doctors can quickly deal with chronic illnesses like diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular illnesses.

Autoimmune Angels are here to help you with patient-centred care by holistic medicine doctors who use integrative medicine to support better overall health. Contact our functional medicine doctors in Twin Cities for a free health assessment.

Functional Medicine Doctor Twin Cities

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Functional Medicine Doctor Twin Cities

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