Child Psychiatrist Newport Beach

Child Psychiatrist Newport Beach

Childhood psychologists state that a child develops their persona and intelligence by three years old. Despite their modest growth, they can explore the environment with their senses, learn verbal and reasoning cues, and take steps to assert themselves in their environment. Decades of research conclude that it is essential to monitor the child’s psychological growth until they are at least five years old.

Great Orange County child therapists have all the research and science of human development, from childhood to adulthood. Read below to know what makes an excellent therapist and how you can choose one that matches your child’s persona.

Qualities that make the therapist an excellent match for your child

Similar experience

A great child therapist has both the education and experience of treating children with similar conditions. Our scope of competency is extensive and includes working with children who have anger management issues, defiance, fear, and many more mental complications. What can you do to choose one who understands your child? Please give us an idea of your child’s condition, and let us explain how our pediatric mental health services match their unique disposition.

Respects unique child challenges

Some teens develop or only show signs of mental challenges as they grow, while others have subtle signs of depression, anxiety, and other conditions since infancy. So our specialist is aware that a teen’s current state could be from many different causatives and manifest in many different ways.

An example is that the extroverted teen with depression may become an aggressive overachiever, while the introvert will pull back from society and get poorer school scores. So, what can you do to choose the right psychiatrist? First, listen for the clinic’s specific language on treatment, and establish whether they would be a good fit for the child. Then, feel free to give us the specifics of their condition to establish the most probable approach.

Balances the family values

We all know and understand the disparity between the parent’s and the child’s generation. Which one is right in their thinking and decision-making? Most of us will argue the parent always knows best while others understand the younger generation is always the evolution of the older one. So how can the therapist ensure the child feels recognized while maintaining the parent’s caretaking role?

Only choose a therapist who makes you an active participant in all your child’s sessions. Some clinics believe the parent should check in every three or four sessions to maintain a healthy teen-patient relationship. The frequency of participation dramatically depends on the child’s unique qualities and conditions. An older teen may not need as many check-ins while the younger ones appreciate regular parent involvement.

Ability to enjoy therapy

Child counseling in Orange County CA can feel like classwork when the child psychiatrist in Newport Beach cannot make one comfortable. It becomes difficult to connect with the child when they cannot wait to finish the session. In the end, they may feel you were disruptive to their thought process and discard all treatment lessons until they can understand their transformative power.

Ultimately, trust your gut instinct to select the best adolescent therapists in Southern California and schedule an appointment with our team (800-478-0233) before it is too late for your child.


Child Psychiatrist Newport Beach

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Child Psychiatrist Newport Beach

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